BREAKING : Trump’s First 100 Days in Office – A Quick Graphic Guide


Today Donald Trump delivered a powerful and inspiring America First speech at a HISTORIC location – Gettysburg. Trump outlined his first 100 days – jam packed with jobs, security, safety, fair trade, immigration, healthcare, and he promised to #DrainTheSwamp in Washington DC and give the government back to THE PEOPLE. It was one of the … Read more

VIDEO : Democrat Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee Strongly Denounces WIKIPEDIA Live on MSNBC


Democrat ignoramus Sheila Jackson Lee is not known for being a “brainiac.” This is the woman who said that homicide if the leading cause of murder. Lee showed off her smarts once again – this time LIVE on MSNBC where she STRONGLY DENOUNCED THE ACTIONS OF WIKIPEDIA. Yeah, those bastards at the online encyclopedia site … Read more

Book's scary conclusion: Clintons 'Above the Law'


Author Jones Editor’s note: The Washington hypocrites can’t understand why the Paula Jones lawsuit against the Clintons won’t go away. Maybe it’s because that lawsuit along with Clinton’s lying in a deposition about the Monica Lewinsky fiasco, facilitated the first presidential impeachment in 130 years!

 Stephen M. Jones, Paula’s ex-husband, tells the inside story of … Read more

VIDEO : Trump’s Historic AMERICA FIRST Gettysburg Speech

Donald Tump delivered a game-changing speech. He laid out his vision for a prosperous, hopeful, and safe America. Trump framed his historic speech, delivered at Gettysburg, with his powerful America First strategy, and then painted a powerful and hopeful picture of jobs, an improved economy, fair trade, peace through strength, and a cleaned up DC. … Read more



The American people are not stupid. The only people that think we’re idiots are the politicians who weave their fantastical tales of VICTORY against ISIS and booming economies. They think if they repeat these lies enough, we’ll believe them. They could not be more wrong if they tried. Obama and Hillary have repeatedly tried to tell America … Read more

WIKILEAKS : Clinton Foundation “STIFFED PAYING” Contractors in HAITI


Hillary, where’s the money? The people of Haiti HATE you because the Clinton Foundation STOLE their earthquake relief money. Now, we’re discovering that Hillary Clinton has not only stolen money from the people of Haiti but also STIFFED the contractors. Isn’t that something she falsely accused Trump of doing? It’s amazing how everything she falsely ACCUSES Trump … Read more

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