Savage: ‘I’m for Trump. Best choice we have.’

Michael Savage

Michael Savage

“I’m for Trump. Point-blank. Best choice we have.”

Savage welcomed Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump to his radio show this week, calling the real estate mogul, the “Winston Churchill of our time.”

In his interview with Trump, Savage said he believes Hispanics in the U.S. legally will vote for Trump.

“They of all people know how hard it is to make a buck, and they want a businessman to run the…

Rand Paul: Trump rise due to ‘loss of sanity’

(THE HILL) Sen. Rand Paul (Ky.) is attributing GOP rival Donald Trump’s rise in the polls to a momentary “loss of sanity.”

“I think this is a temporary sort of loss of sanity, but we’re going to come back to our senses and look for someone serious to lead the country at some point,” Paul told CNN anchor Wolf Blitzer on his show, when asked about a new national poll showing Trump still atop the crowded GOP field.

Paul pointed to the extensive media…

Trump surges, Jeb 3rd in new national poll

(POLITICO) Donald Trump leads the GOP presidential field by a significant margin, according to a new Quinnipiac University national poll released Thursday.

The poll also indicates that Ohio Gov. John Kasich could ride a post-announcement bump onto the stage for next week’s debate in Cleveland, despite fears that Trump’s wall-to-wall media coverage had overshadowed his late entry into the race.

Fully 20 percent of Republican and Republican-leaning voters said they…

Strategists warn Jeb to ignore Trump at debate

(POLITICO) When Jeb Bush and Donald Trump share a debate stage next week, Bush needs to ignore the real estate mogul at all costs —and if that fails, laugh him off.

That’s the advice given by more than half of the POLITICO Caucus, our weekly, bipartisan survey of the top activists, operatives and strategists in Iowa and New Hampshire.

At the first GOP primary debate, slated for Aug. 6 in Cleveland, Bush and eight other Republicans will share the stage with Trump, the bombastic…

GOP candidates freaking out about how to debate Trump

(Washington Post) Next week’s Republican presidential debate in Cleveland marks not only the inaugural formal gathering of the expansive GOP field but also the start of a new and unpredictable chapter in an already raucous 2016 race.

Under the bright studio lights on the shores of Lake Erie on Aug. 6, ambitions will be showcased, positions staked, and Donald Trump, who has consumed the summer’s political headlines, will finally be confronted, face to face, by…

Iowa State Fair grounds Trump’s helicopter idea

(The Hill) The Iowa State Fair on Thursday said GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump will not be allowed to fly children in his helicopter during the event next month.

State Fair spokeswoman Mindy Williamson said Trump is not getting permission for the novel campaign attraction, according to The Des Moines Register.

“He is welcome to land his helicopter anywhere outside the grounds and take people on rides or whatever he would like to do,” Williamson said….

Graham’s ‘sour grapes’

Re: “Trump smacked: America won’t elect ‘birther’ prez”

Lindsey Graham is out of his element. His comment about Trump is “sour grapes.”

No matter what he thinks, Obama is a fake. He has not kept his campaign promise of transparency.

How is it that other elected senators and congressmen are prosecuted or kicked out of office for lesser crimes than Obama? Is he above the law?

Gaylord Hayes

Trump smacked: America won’t elect ‘birther’ prez

Sen. Lindsey Graham and Donald Trump

The polls may show Donald Trump is the front-runner in the Republican presidential race, but one of his fellow GOP candidates says the billionaire businessman and reality-TV star will never become the next president of the United States because “he’s a birther.”

Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C.,  doubled down on his criticism of Trump during an interview Thursday on Newsmax TV’s “The Steve Malzberg Show.”…

Planned Parenthood faces new charge it broke law


The recently released videos revealing multiple executives for Planned Parenthood negotiating over the prices for the body parts of aborted babies – one incredibly stated “I want a Lamborghini” – soon might be the least of the abortion industry leader’s problems.

After all:

A new complaint has been filed in Colorado against the same facility featured in this week’s video from Center for Medical Progress that alleges Planned Parenthood…

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