U.K. government responds to petition to ban Trump

(CNN)The United Kingdom isn’t formally barring Donald Trump from entering its borders — at least not yet. The British government on Wednesday offered a pointedly inconclusive response to an online citizens’ petition asking that Trump be banned from the country. In its statement, the government reaffirmed the power of Home Secretary Theresa May to “exclude … Read more

Jeb blames Obama for Trump’s rise

(MSNBC) Jeb Bush called Donald Trump “a creature of Barack Obama” in the latest example of the former governor’s ever-present frustration with the billionaire businessman during an interview with NPR. “But for Barack Obama, Donald Trump’s effect would not be nearly as strong as it is,” Bush said. The comments come as Bush continues his … Read more

5 Times The Media Showed Their True Liberal Colors In 2015

As readers of The Political Insider know, the biggest ally to the Democrat Party has been the media. The mainstream media have helped to keep liberals in power, have helped to ruin true conservative politicians with their blatant lies, have shaped public opinion, and have simply rewritten the past to make one of the worst presidents in … Read more

Trump called ‘Twitter-drunk,’ Cruz slapped on marriage

Donald Trump and Texas Sen. Ted Cruz (Photo: Twitter) Just one month before the Iowa Caucuses, it sure is getting ugly out there in the race for the GOP nomination – with some of the lowest-polling candidates heaping insults on Republican Iowa front-runners, including charges that Donald Trump is a late-night “Twitter-drunk” and Sen. Ted Cruz isn’t … Read more

Hillary: Card shark

Hillary Clinton tells us that Donald Trump has become the poster child for ISIS recruiting videos that have yet to be seen, for his wanting to limit immigration of Muslims pending extensive investigation. Here is an interesting point about ISIS and how it deals with “un-Islamic” activities. Smoking, listening to music and wearing hair gel … Read more

Newspaper: Trump is Biff from ‘Back to the Future’

Actor Tom Wilson portrays the wealthy loudmouth Biff Tannen in “Back to the Future II” Is Donald Trump really Biff from “Back to the Future?” The publisher of New Hampshire’s mid-size Union Leader newspaper filled out his editorial page this week with a vicious attack of the GOP presidential front-runner, calling the billionaire candidate a … Read more

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