Trump the Disrupter

(CNN) — Just look at the Big Five companies that drive the Internet economy — all disrupters — Apple, Microsoft, Google, Amazon and Facebook. They were early movers, they played by their own rules. First they disrupted how we do business online, and now they define it. And they control it. Apple just reported its … Read more

Megyn Kelly: Skipping debate ‘bad decision’

(Extra) The war of words between Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump and FOX News host Meygn Kelly continued on Tuesday. The dispute culminated with Donald announcing he will not participate in Thursday’s Republican debate on FOX News. The debate is the last before the Iowa caucuses and will be moderated by Kelly. “Extra’s” AJ Calloway … Read more

Obama set to huddle with Bernie Sanders

Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt. The White House announced in a brief statement President Obama will go behind closed doors for a sit-down with Sen. Bernie Sanders, the self-declared socialist who’s been tearing up the Democratic primary campaign path in recent weeks. Following a briefing with Jack Lew and Joe Biden, Treasury secretary … Read more

Fox accuses Trump camp of ‘terrorizations’

Donald Trump Fox News responded to Donald Trump’s announced boycott of the Thursday Republican primary debate in Iowa with a blunt statement of its own, accusing the billionaire businessman’s campaign of “terrorizations” toward its star host, Megyn Kelly. Fox said Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski said to a Fox News executive during a phone conversation … Read more

Fox gives debate role to anti-Trump Muslim

(BREITBART) — Fox News and Google have invited three YouTube personalities to ask questions at the Jan. 28 GOP debate — including a Muslim advocate who describes Donald Trump as a bigot and who visually portrayed him as being in agreement with national socialist Adolf Hitler. “We have a presidential candidate whose loudest message reeks … Read more

Cruz challenges Trump to 1-on-1 debate

(THE HILL) Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz says if rival Donald Trump won’t face the entire GOP field in Thursday’s Fox News debate, then he wants to go one-on-one. “If Donald is afraid of Megyn Kelly, I would like to invite him on your show to participate in a one-on-one debate between me and Donald, … Read more

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