Obama goes on “rant” about Donald Trump's populism

(CBS News) President Obama went off on his own rant Wednesday at a trilateral press conference in which he disputed the idea that Donald Trump is a populist and that the presumptive GOP nominee instead promotes “nativism” or “xenophobia.” After reporters asked a series of questions of Mr. Obama, Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto and … Read more

Hillary's cavalier enablers

(American Spectator) — “Never Trump” agitators continue to work themselves up into a sanctimonious lather, indulging in a puritanical alarmism about Trump they normally pooh-pooh when it threatens one of their favored heterodox candidates. Gone are the “half a loaf is better than none” lectures they delivered to hector conservatives into supporting Bob Dole, John … Read more

'Death by barbell' sparks questions about Hillary 'silencing people'

Bill and Hillary Clinton A former United Nations official, John Ashe, has been found dead in his New York home and commentators are erupting with speculation about whether this would be a case of “Hillary Clinton silencing people who ‘know too much.’” That question was pointedly raised by Kosar at the Political Insider on word … Read more

Zuckerberg builds own massive wall after bashing Trump

A wall around Mark Zuckerberg’s private estate in Hawaii is raising the ire of neighbors. (Credit: Twitter, the Daily Mail) Mark Zuckerberg, the Facebook founder who recently backed a multi-state initiative, Fwd.us, to counter the border crackdowns being pushed by the likes of Republican Donald Trump, has come under fire from his Hawaiian neighbors for, … Read more

Shock poll: Trump, Hillary in dead heat

(QUINNIPIAC) Democrat Hillary Clinton has 42 percent to Republican Donald Trump’s 40 percent – too close to call – as American voters say neither candidate would be a good president and that the campaign has increased hatred and prejudice in the nation, according to a Quinnipiac University National poll released today. This compares to results … Read more

Istanbul airport partly reopens amid terror cleanup

Victims of the Istanbul airport terror attack were rushed to the hospital. (Credit: BBC) The death count in the Istanbul Ataturk airport terrorist attack has climbed to 41, with more than 230 injured, but port officials reopened partial operations Wednesday. About a third of schedule flights have been canceled, however, and several others delayed, the … Read more

Grexit? Brexit? Now some calling for Clexit

There first was Grexit, the plan that Greece would exit the Europe Union, which didn’t happen. Then anti-establishment interests were more successful with Brexit, through which Britain’s residents actually did vote to leave the “superstate” and now are awaiting the next step by the country’s Parliament. Now there are calls for a “Clexit,” through which … Read more

The defeat of the EU

Every American town during World War II had a “war nerd,” a kid who mastered every move by all sides and kept a bedroom wall covered with maps bristling with paper flags pinned to cork-board, indicating whose forces were where. I filled that role for Greensboro, North Carolina. I remember removing, with special gusto, the … Read more

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