USA Today: Trump 'unfit for presidency'

(USA TODAY) In the 34-year history of USA TODAY, the Editorial Board has never taken sides in the presidential race. Instead, we’ve expressed opinions about the major issues and haven’t presumed to tell our readers, who have a variety of priorities and values, which choice is best for them. Because every presidential race is different, … Read more

U.N. urges Americans abroad to 'stop Trump'

(POLITICO) The United Nations News Centre — the official U.N. news service — tweeted, then quickly pulled, a post that called for “8 million Americans abroad” to “stop Trump.” The tweet, published at 9:14 p.m. ET on Thursday, urged American expats to share a voter registration tool on the website of the activist organization Avaaz … Read more

'I am famous': Machado celebrated weight attention in '97

(London Daily Mail) Alicia Machado loved the free publicity her dramatic battle with weight-gain provided during her reign as Miss Universe, news reports from that year show. And her ‘wellness’ routine, embraced as a weight-loss tactic and paid for by then-pageant owner Donald Trump, was a lavish affair few women can afford to indulge in. … Read more

Obama buries U.S. city in refugees, now it's fighting back

The latest flashpoint in the growing backlash against refugee resettlement is Fargo, North Dakota, where the city commission is demanding a full accounting of the program’s costs. “Surprisingly, that’s never been done before,” said a Fargo city commissioner, Dave Piepkorn, who spoke with WND this week and can be seen discussing his plan in the … Read more

Why next president will be unbounded

(National Review) — There is reason to worry about both candidates abusing power as president, because Obama and the press normalized executive overreach. Donald Trump’s supporters see a potential Hillary Clinton victory in November as the end of any conservative chance to restore small government, constitutional protections, fiscal sanity, and personal liberty. Clinton’s progressives swear … Read more

Hillary's camp: Attacks on Bill's infidelities will 'backfire'

(Politico) Hillary Clinton’s campaign on Thursday warned that attacks from Donald Trump and his allies on her marriage will “backfire” and are a transparent attempt to distract from Trump’s misogynistic comments. “After his disastrous debate performance and his sexist attack on a former Miss Universe over her weight, Donald Trump is now trying to deflect … Read more

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