Major 3rd-party candidate crashes GOP Convention

Gov. Gary Johnson CLEVELAND – When former two-term New Mexico Gov. Gary Johnson was the Libertarian Party presidential nominee in 2012, he was unable to garner even 1 percent of the vote. This time, amid an anti-establishment wave that has divided both the Democratic and Republican parties, Johnson and his vice presidential candidate, former Massachusetts … Read more

‘Never Hillary’ in focus as anti-Trump coalition fades

Republican National Convention in Cleveland (WND photo) CLEVELAND — As the effort among delegates to nominate an alternative to Donald Trump contentiously fizzled at the convention, Republican figures who spoke to WND, including former supporters of rival candidates, nevertheless expressed optimism that the party will unify around the real estate billionaire. Newt Gingrich Former House … Read more

Trump advisers target Muslim Brotherhood on U.S. soil

CLEVELAND – As national security took center stage at the Republican Convention on opening night Monday, WND spoke to a member of Congress, a Trump adviser and two campaign surrogates who believe a first step toward “making America safe” and reforming what they regard as a badly compromised counter-terrorism effort hamstrung by political correctness is … Read more

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