Creepy origins of Bill of Rights' 5th Amendment

Star Chamber Britain’s William Laud had spies listen to pastors’ sermons to see if they said anything against the king’s ordinances. If they did, the pastors were arrested. Decisions to punish political enemies of the king were made in the secret “Star Chamber.” No witnesses were allowed in these arbitrary and oppressive inquisitions. Though started … Read more

The prayer that set the tone for a nation

Prayer at First Continental Congress The first session of the Continental Congress opened the beginning of September in the year 1774 with prayer in Carpenter’s Hall, Philadelphia. Threatened by the most powerful monarch in the world, Britain’s King George III, America’s founding fathers heard Rev. Jacob Duché read Psalm 35, the Anglican Book of Common … Read more

How H.G. Wells felt about Islam

H.G. Wells New Jersey is being invaded by Martians!” exclaimed actor Orson Welles. He was reading the script of a 1938 radio drama based on the novel “The War of the Worlds” by H.G. Wells, who died Aug. 13, 1946. Herbert George Wells was from an impoverished lower middle class family. He failed as a … Read more

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