'F—ing firing squad': Trump scorches media to their faces

President-elect Donald Trump (Photo: Twitter) President-elect Donald Trump invited major media moguls to Trump Tower for a face-to-face meeting on Monday, and the billionaire confronted them in a session that was described as a “f—ing firing squad.” “It was like a f—ing firing squad,” a source told the New York Post after the hour-long scolding, … Read more

Meet leftist prof who wrote 'hit list' of 'fake' news sites

Merrimack College assistant professor Melissa Zimdars, author of the “fake news” list circulated online (Photo: Twitter) The mainstream media are going wild circulating a viral list of so-called “fake news” websites – and the list includes established news sites like WND, Breitbart, Red State and Project Veritas – but WND has found a leftist, Trump-bashing … Read more

'You ain't no slaves!' Black vet's epic takedown of anti-Trump rioters

A black Air Force veteran is fed up at anti-Trump rioters who disrespect America’s flag, refuse to say the Pledge of Allegiance, reject their duly-elected president and wreak havoc in U.S. cities, smashing windows, blocking freeways and igniting fires. In fact, Thaddeus Dionne Alexander is so outraged by the rioters that he posted a video … Read more

Drawing fire! Trump-haters set sneakers ablaze

Trump-haters burn New Balance sneakers in protest of President-elect Trump and the shoe company’s support for his anti-TPP policies (Photo: Twitter) Donald Trump-haters are burning, trashing and flushing their New Balance sneakers. It’s all because the shoe company merely stated that President Obama disregarded trade concerns and America is moving in the “right direction” under Trump’s trade … Read more

Election results: Trump battles Hillary for president

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton As Americans head to the polls to elect the nation’s next president, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are now locked in dead heat and fighting a fierce election battle in the final hours of the 2016 race for the White House. Trump, the billionaire Republican nominee who has inspired a populist grassroots movement, … Read more

Again? Clinton White House files 'stolen' from National Archives

Hillary and Bill Clinton (Photo: Twitter) While Hillary Clinton was secretary of state, the White House told her a two-terabyte hard drive containing records from the Clinton presidency had been “stolen” from the National Archives, according to emails released Thursday by the State Department. “They last can account for the drive on January 30; they discovered … Read more

Michael Moore freaks! Anti-Trump film might help elect Trump

Finally, something leftist Michael Moore , GOP nominee donald Trump and “hurting” America can agree on (Photo: Twitter) Leftist activist and filmmaker Michael Moore is freaking out – because his plot to sink Donald Trump’s campaign appears to be backfiring and may actually help the GOP nominee’s election bid. As WND reported Tuesday, Moore gave a masterful … Read more

Michael Moore: Here's why Trump will win election

Leftist activist and filmmaker Michael Moore (Photo: Screenshot) It’s a stunning prediction: America will deliver the “biggest ‘F— you’ ever recorded in human history” and put GOP nominee Donald Trump in the White House this November. That’s according to leftist activist and filmmaker Michael Moore, who made the statements in a fiery video clip from his latest documentary, … Read more

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