Trump softens Muslim ban to 'extreme vetting'

Donald Trump Donald Trump, presumptive Republican Party presidential nominee, said during a “60 Minutes” interview on CBS that he’s going to seek, from the White House, an “extreme vetting” process for immigrants – a slight deviation and softening of his earlier campaign calls for outright bans on Muslims trying to enter America. “Call it whatever … Read more

Trump: America is like a 'divided crime scene'

Donald Trump Donald Trump, the presumptive Republican Party pick for president, responded to the recent Baton Rouge shooting death of three police officers with a series of tweets that characterized America as little more than a “crime scene,” divided in large part by President Obama’s inflammatory rhetoric and failures of leadership. Trump’s comments came shortly … Read more

Gingrich calls for deportation of those who 'believe in Sharia'

Newt Gingrich Newt Gingrich, former speaker of the House and talked-about pick for Donald Trump’s vice presidential slot, said on Fox News while discussing the Nice, France, terrorist attack that the United States ought to implement a testing system to root out Shariah-compliant Muslims and deport them. On “Hannity,” Gingrich said the country “should frankly … Read more

Paris-based PM: 'France should learn to live with terrorism'

Nice, France, was hit by terrorists. France President Francois Hollande said in a nationally televised address Friday the “terrorist character” of the attack in Nice, in which a truck plowed into a crowd of Bastille celebrants and killed dozens, could not be denied, and that his government was extending, rather than ending, its declared state … Read more

Trump camp mocks Bernie for Hillary endorsement

Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders, in a move that wasn’t really surprising to political insiders, gave his thumbs-up to Hillary Clinton during a campaign rally Tuesday in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, offering a formal endorsement that put to end any hard feelings forged during campaign-trail travels. And it was just a few minutes … Read more

Rock band 'Wavves' claims tolerance, but bans all things Trump

Wavves band Nathan Williams to Donald Trump supporters: Don’t come to my concerts. (Credit: Twitter) The rock band Wavves sent out a blunt, politically charged message to fans saying those who support Donald Trump, police and the All Lives Matter movement, or are white and have ever used racial slurs, to stay home – your concert presence … Read more

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