The buzz in the 'spin room'

The last presidential debate took place Wednesday. Afterward, live media coverage turned to the “spin room.” There’s a reason they call it the “spin room”: After the debate, there is total spin in that room. A former colleague of mine used to say that you could put a microphone up to someone in the spin … Read more

Wanted: ‘Fair and balanced’ debates for GOP, Dems

There is no question that this week’s CNBC debate went off the rails.

There was trouble in Colorado even before the debate began when the campaigns began to complain about the size of their green rooms and if the rooms were assigned according to poll numbers. Was that fair? Is it fair to position candidates on stage based on their poll standing? Do the news media make or break candidates by placement and their questions? These are all fair questions.

The biggest complaint…

Why Americans want Warren to run

Elizabeth Warren was the guest of the hour at the Washington Ideas Forum hosted in Washington, D.C., by the Atlantic and the Aspen Institute this week. She emphasized her connection to former Speaker Newt Gingrich and how they would like to both increase the funding for the National Institutes of Health.

We can all agree that the funding of medical research has stalled and that the purchasing power of medical research has been cut, said Sen. Warren. As both the former speaker and…

10 years since ‘America’s Great Storm’

Aug. 29 was the 10th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina. For many people in America, it brought back horrifying memories; however, one talk-show host said, “No one cares, they are only interested in Donald Trump and the election.”

He might have been correct in that someone in Iowa or even New Hampshire might be focused on the upcoming election, but there is a sizable number of people who do care. The main reason to care is not just the possibility that Hurricane…

Why so many Americans love Trump

Several weeks ago, I wrote about the candidacy of Donald Trump, and many say they will vote for him. People vote for whom they want in their living rooms for four years. The people say they will vote for Donald Trump already have invited him into their living room when they viewed his reality show on their television sets.

As I said in my mid-July column, people rely on debates and 30-second ads to know who the candidate is. No ads or debates are necessary to know who Donald Trump is. He…

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