Obama takes parting shot at small businesses

  WASHINGTON – Employers across America are in limbo as they try to figure out how deal with the immense legal uncertainty surrounding an attempt by the outgoing Obama administration to make millions of more workers eligible for overtime pay, while placing an expensive and substantial new regulatory burden on an untold number of small … Read more

How the media helped elect Trump

WASHINGTON – There’s little doubt the mainstream media tried to elect Hillary Clinton as president. But they got Donald Trump. The power of the press is legendary and enormous. So, how did that happen? There is a growing body of evidence to support the theory that the mainstream media played a crucial role in electing … Read more

FBI director: Hero or villain?

FBI Director James Comey WASHINGTON – Is FBI Director James Comey a hero or a villain? The question is the subject of intense debate in Washington right now, with Democrats such as Sen. Harry Reid, D-Nev., suggesting Comey may even be a criminal, if he violated the Hatch Act prohibiting government employees from influencing elections. Republican … Read more

'They want to be able to commit fraud to win'

WASHINGTON – Evidence of election fraud doesn’t get much more arresting than video of it actually happening in the voting booth. A video of what appeared to be either blatant vote fraud or the malfunctioning of a touch-screen voting machine appeared on social media Wednesday, just as similar reports emerged during early voting in Texas. … Read more

Clinton temper over email scandal worried advisers

Democratic Party presidential nominee Hillary Clinton WASHINGTON – The Wikileaks nightmare for the Hillary Clinton campaign just kept growing on Thursday with the release of the sixth batch of emails from campaign manager John Podesta, on a day that showed a post-debate bounce propelling Trump back into the lead, by two points. John Podesta In the … Read more

Consensus: Trump wins debate, media lose along with Hillary

Republican nominee Donald Trump and Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton square off Sunday, Oct. 9, 2016, in the second presidential debate WASHINGTON – Donald Trump appeared to win two debates Sunday night, one against Hillary Clinton and another against the national media. “The media has a lot of work to do after that debate!” Ann Coulter … Read more

Congress livid as Hillary's IT man crosses 'red line'

Democratic Party nominee Hillary Clinton and Clinton’s former IT aide, Bryan Pagliano (Photo: Twitter) WASHINGTON – U.S. Rep. Mark Meadows, R-N.C., gave a gentle laugh and jested, “Not to use an overused line” but then turned dead serious in answering WND’s question, by declaring that ignoring a congressional subpoena “crosses a red line.” WND had … Read more

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