Major signs Hillary is in big trouble

Hillary Clinton is in big trouble. The media pundits like to point out what they call Trump’s “unforced errors,” but Hillary can barely keep from figuratively, and sometimes literally, tripping over her own feet every time she appears in public. Hillary is lucky to have the mainstream media covering for her, but these days she … Read more

Hillary must disavow the Democratic Party

Maybe the left is correct. It may be time to purge the U.S. of any historical reference to slavery and racism. Just this week, Vanderbilt University renamed “Confederate Memorial Hall” to “Memorial Hall.” Also this week, the University of Texas removed an inscription from a campus memorial that honored those who fought for the Confederacy. … Read more

Do black lives matter to Democrats?

“When injustice becomes law, rebellion becomes duty.”

– Thomas Jefferson

This week, I was invited to appear on Dr. Drew’s show on HLN to discuss the Republican debates. That is what we did, for the first two segments. Then a woman from Black Lives Matter stood in the audience and would not be silenced. She was the first guest ever removed from the audience by security, Dr. Drew told me.

The mood was shifted. The audience was irate. They wanted to know why the…

Does Jeb Bush think you’re stupid?

Establishment politicians come up with a lot of creative ways to twist words and change meanings to achieve their main goal, which is winning elections to retain power.

They have come up with many reasons why you should not support Donald Trump in the presidential primary, but their latest reason takes the cake: Border security is a big-government solution.

For a few weeks, they tried referring to Trump supporters as crazy. Trump lovers were supposed to run from that label and…

6 ways Trump is winning on social issues

Trump has confounded pundits who have repeatedly predicted his demise. There are a few reasons why he resonates so well with Americans. Even though the other candidates aren’t Trump, there are tips they could use for connecting in a Trump-like manner with the American people.

I have always maintained in my writing and speeches that there is no such thing as a social issue – that it is hyperbole imposed by statists to make conservatives’ winning issues off limits…

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