Can Trump pump juice into U.S. energy?

President-elect Donald Trump (Photo: Twitter) President-Elect Donald Trump is vowing to unleash American energy and begin scrapping burdensome regulations on his very first day in office, announcements welcomed by the energy industry, although it still has other goals it wants the new administration pursue. In a short video, Trump outlined several directives he will issue on … Read more

Media run wild with racial 'distortions' on Trump's picks

President-elect Donald Trump While some of Donald Trump’s early personnel choices are leading some Democrats and media figures to conclude a racially insensitive administration is preparing to take charge in Washington, the leader of a prominent black conservative group says the concerns are double standards whipped up by the left and Trump’s controversial choices are … Read more

GOP has short window to cut deficits, says expert

Donald Trump promised significant tax reform and has a Republican Congress to work with, but the leader of the nation’s largest grassroots taxpayer organization says the window of opportunity is small and the GOP better be ready to tackle spending if want to keep deficits from exploding. National Taxpayers Union President Pete Sepp says Republicans … Read more

7 keys to effective health-care overhaul

An effective overhaul of the nation’s health-care laws will require scrapping the most damaging parts of Obamacare, keeping some of the provisions, and giving much more freedom to states and insurance companies to create vibrant competition that will increase consumer choice and bring down soaring costs. That’s the assessment of Galen Institute President Grace-Marie Turner, … Read more

College 'snowflakes' overwhelmed by grief after Trump win

(Photo: Facebook) Donald Trump’s election triggered an avalanche of grief and defiance on many college campuses, and administrators are accommodating the grieving students through a variety of efforts, but a top official at one of America’s best known traditional schools says the actions of both students and administrators are way off course. Since Trump became … Read more

Trump: Same-sex marriage is 'settled law'

Donald Trump made headlines Sunday, telling “60 Minutes” that he considered same-sex marriage settled law and had no plans to revisit it during his time in office, a statement that doesn’t appear to dampen the spirits of the overwhelming majority of evangelicals who backed the GOP nominee last week. “These cases have gone to the Supreme … Read more

Hillary threat: 'Avalanche' of property-rights losses

(Photo: Twitter) The past eight years have witnessed an “avalanche” of government encroachment on the personal property rights of Americans, and a Hillary Clinton presidency would be even worse, according to financial expert and radio host Gary Rathbun. He says the first thing voters need to understand is how property rights pertain to a lot … Read more

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