Nearly 1 million illegal aliens crossed border in 2016

President Obama’s “catch and release” policy has led to a situation in which 80 percent of the illegal aliens apprehended at the border are never deported. And those not apprehended are never accounted for. The U.S. Department of Homeland Security released data Monday showing illegal immigration spiked 23 percent in the fiscal year leading up to the … Read more

Trump takes swing at debate question over Islamists' strategy

A Muslim-American woman asks a question at the second presidential debate of 2016 Donald Trump, perhaps the most anti-politically correct presidential candidate in modern U.S. history, may have missed a golden opportunity at Sunday’s debate to blow the whistle on one of the left’s favorite PC tactics. The question, asked by a self-described American-Muslim woman, … Read more

Voter fraud 'much more widespread' than Virginia, Pennsylvania

A new report by a national watchdog organization found evidence of major voter fraud going on in Virginia and Pennsylvania, but the problems are likely affecting many more states, says the group’s leader. The same organization that uncovered fraud in Virginia and in Philadelphia – the Public Interest Legal Foundation – is also filing lawsuits … Read more

Obama buries U.S. city in refugees, now it's fighting back

The latest flashpoint in the growing backlash against refugee resettlement is Fargo, North Dakota, where the city commission is demanding a full accounting of the program’s costs. “Surprisingly, that’s never been done before,” said a Fargo city commissioner, Dave Piepkorn, who spoke with WND this week and can be seen discussing his plan in the … Read more

Obama's '110,000 refugees' only half the story

Syrian refugees. More than 3.5 million have been displaced by the Syrian civil war and the U.N. wants to permanently resettle about 470,000. (Photo: Twitter) The White House kicked off “Welcoming Refugee Week” Thursday, two days after it informed Congress it would be boosting the number of refugees delivered to American shores by nearly 30 … Read more

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