Trump shocker! Who is Elaine Chao?

President-elect Donald Trump picked former Labor Secretary Elaine Chao for transportation secretary (Photo: Twitter) WASHINGTON – Elaine Chao is not exactly the kind of Cabinet pick you would expect from outsider Donald Trump. The Bush administration retread has deep ties to the anti-coal Bloomberg Foundation, is married to big-time Trans-Pacific Partnership supporter and Senate Majority … Read more

The REAL winner

Cast your vote now. All answers are stored anonymously. Did noncitizens help Hillary win the popular vote? No, Trump is just being a sore winner No, they can’t even vote No, Trump is just making excuses for having lost the popular vote No, there may have been a few of them voting but not enough … Read more

Steve Bannon cancels Harvard appearance

(BOSTON GLOBE) — Steve Bannon, president-elect Donald Trump’s controversial choice for chief White House strategist, will not attend a conference at Harvard Kennedy School’s Institute of Politics this week, school officials said Tuesday. A school spokesman did not say why Bannon had cancelled. Bannon, who was executive chairman of Breitbart News, a website that has … Read more

CNN host: Wear hijab to show 'solidarity' with fearful Muslims

First lady Michelle Obama wears a hijab while President Obama visits Istiqlal Mosque in Jakarta in 2010 (Photo: Screenshot/CNN Turk) Just hours before a Muslim jihadist stabbed Ohio State University students with a butcher knife and plowed into them with his car, a CNN host suggested Americans should wear Islamic headcoverings to show “solidarity” with … Read more

Clueless media fail to recognize Dan Quayle

D’OH! ‘Geniuses in press corps’ refer to as ‘unidentified man’ meeting with Trump Published: 7 mins ago (TWITCHY) Sounds like Trump is meeting with Dan Quayle at Trump Tower. Actually it was reported earlier that Trump was meeting with an unidentified man who nobody recognized. Source link

Hillary eyeing another presidential run?

(TOWNHALL) If you thought a devastating loss to Republican Donald Trump four weeks ago and to rival Barack Obama in 2008 was finally going to put former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton out of the political game for good, think again. According to veteran reporter Ron Fournier, someone who has been closely covering the Clintons … Read more

'Vast powers' for immigration-hardliner Sessions as AG

(POLITICO) For two decades in the Senate, Jeff Sessions led an anti-immigration crusade that made him an outlier in GOP politics — raging against illegal immigration and an excess of foreign workers well before Donald Trump tore onto the political scene. But next year, Sessions likely will be the one engineering the immigration crackdown. If … Read more

Obama expands H-1B outsourcing program

(BREITBART) President Barack Obama is on track to impose a last-minute regulation which would help foreign graduates capture good jobs at American companies, universities and hospitals that are sought by American-born graduates. Obama’s expansion of the H-1B outsourcing program would take effect just three days before he leaves the White House. It can be seen … Read more

State goes red for first time since 1988

Final electoral map shows Michigan in Trump’s fold but Clinton supporters have been sending threatening emails to the state’s 16 electors, trying to get them to change their allegiance to their candidate. President-elect Donald Trump has won Michigan’s 16 electoral votes. The Board of State Canvassers certified Trump’s 10,704-vote victory on Monday, nearly three weeks … Read more

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