Trump told: 2 critical elements in making education great again

The election of a new president has filled millions of Americans with hopes of brighter days. Donald Trump promises to make America great again, and with that promise comes the expectation that he will restore greatness to every aspect of American society – including the education system. “Making American education great again will not be … Read more

Sessions nomination brings hope of reversing Islamic 'stealth invasion'

President-elect Donald Trump has tapped Sen. Jeff Sessions, R-Ala., to head the Justice Department as attorney general in his incoming administration. The announcement brings hope that Sessions, a staunch opponent of illegal immigration and the unchecked flow of refugees to the United States, will reverse policies of President Obama’s attorney general – particularly the special … Read more

Trump to send message: 'Shariah incompatible with Constitution'

The Muslim Brotherhood’s days of influencing the United States government may be coming to an end, and those who are expert in the field of Islamist activism and the threat of terror are pleased. WND reported earlier President-elect Donald Trump is reportedly preparing to jumpstart a bill in Congress that would ban the Muslim Brotherhood … Read more

Pro-Trump 'violence' claims fabricated

Two parallel strands of reports about violence are running across the American landscape in the days after Donald Trump’s shocking election to the presidency. On the one hand, there are reports of pro-Trump violence. A female Muslim student at the University of Louisiana claimed two white men wearing Trump hats ripped off her hijab and … Read more

Too little, too late from Obama on infrastructure security

President Obama has issued an executive order to coordinate “efforts to prepare the nation for space weather events.” Space weather events, which include solar flares, solar energetic particles and geomagnetic disturbances, have the potential, if they are large enough, to significantly damage critical infrastructure on Earth and disable large portions of the electrical power grid. The … Read more

Hillary dances away from 'open borders' comment

WikiLeaks revealed this month that Hillary Clinton once told Brazilian bank executives that she wants open borders in the Western Hemisphere, and the comment came back to haunt her when moderator Chris Wallace asked her about it during Wednesday night’s presidential debate. Clinton had said, according to the leaked transcript, “My dream is a hemispheric … Read more

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