Does Jeb Bush think you’re stupid?

Establishment politicians come up with a lot of creative ways to twist words and change meanings to achieve their main goal, which is winning elections to retain power.

They have come up with many reasons why you should not support Donald Trump in the presidential primary, but their latest reason takes the cake: Border security is a big-government solution.

For a few weeks, they tried referring to Trump supporters as crazy. Trump lovers were supposed to run from that label and deny their support for him as they got a call from the next pollster trying to gauge voter sentiment in the presidential primary.

That didn’t work.

Conservatives are used to being called crazy. They’ve been called much worse. Among the slurs endured by right-wingers is bitter, Bible-thumping, racist, homophobic, sexist, bigot, gun loving … the list goes on.

But this latest tactic to turn conservatives against Trump is pretty crafty, I must admit.

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Trump’s hallmark issue resonating with audiences across the land is border security. He says he will build a wall –a very nice wall, with a very beautiful and secure door in it that allows the best and brightest through and keeps out the rapists, terrorists and anchor-baby wannabes.

But now, the establishment has come up with the perfect talking point to turn audiences against Trump on this issue.

Others may have said it first, but Jeb Bush said it the loudest. He claimed that if you support Donald Trump’s plan to build a wall and secure the border, that means that you support big-government bureaucracies and spending. Jeb lamented the cost of the wall on the backs of taxpayers and the manpower it would require from so many new government workers! Oh no!

The following is a segment from Fox News where Trump supporter Katrina Pierson debated GOP strategist Kathy Taylor. Taylor regurgitated the line that a border wall is “unconservative” after they aired Jeb Bush’s criticism of Trump’s immigration plan.

I must admit that, for a moment, I cringed at the thought of becoming a big-government loving leftist who thinks government is the solution to all of our problems.

But, then I snapped out of it!

How disingenuous for anyone, especially a Republican, to claim that border security isn’t the proper role of government.

Will Bush claim next that military supporters are big-government-loving liberals?

What about those who support local law enforcement? Are they leftists now under this new definition?

There are few things that our government does now that the founders actually meant for our government to handle. Military, police and border security are definitely on that short list.

There are many highly paid consultants whose job it is to find the language that hits your soft spot. There is much more like this to come as establishment candidates find new ways to go after conservative favorites like Sen. Ted Cruz and Trump. Stay alert, my friends.

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