Trump fires back at LPGA commissioner

(NJ.COM) — Donald Trump’s latest beef is with the LPGA commissioner Michael Whan.
In the wake of Trump’s controversial comments about Mexican immigrants, the Ladies Golf Union released a statement reiterating that it would not be moving the Women’s British Open away from the Trump Turnberry in Scotland, where the tournament is slated to be played […]

Trump on Hillary: ‘She is desperate, she is sad’

Billionaire businessman and presidential contender Donald Trump responded in typical blunt fashion to Hillary Clinton, who openly criticized his stance on immigration, telling the Democratic frontrunner in no uncertain terms to quit lying.
His remarks came in response to an attack by Clinton during a speech at the National Council of La Raza in Kansas City […]

Trump, Carson & illegal-alien criminals

Liberals have perfected the art of exploiting a tragedy for political gain. We’ve just seen how the massacre of nine people at a Bible study inside a Charleston, South Carolina, church – apparently committed by a drug-using loser-drifter who dropped out of school after the ninth grade – is being used to bring down the […]

Huffington Post: Trump rockets to No. 1 in polls

A new presidential poll chart published Monday by Huffington Post has Donald Trump skyrocketing to first place among Republicans seeking the White House.
The chart, which combines the latest opinion polls, has Trump topping the crowded field, with 17.7 percent of the vote.
In second place is former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush at 13.9 percent. Ben Carson, […]

Donald Trump steamrolls NBC reporter

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump opened fire in favor of American gun rights during a televised interview Wednesday, and blasted his critics including Fox News analyst Charles Krauthammer as a “totally overrated guy.”
In his discussion with NBC’s Katy Tur, Trump was asked if he was concerned about gun violence in America, to which he responded […]

GOP to give Obama more power — again?

After spending most of June giving President Obama new authority to negotiate trade deals with low-wage countries in Asia, congressional Republicans are now poised to spend July giving Obama new authority over education in America’s public schools. This is a big disappointment for those of us who worked hard to elect a Republican Congress last […]

Limbaugh makes startling prediction for U.S.

As the push grows to remove Confederate flags from Southern states as well as retail stores such as Walmart and Sears nationwide, talk-radio star Rush Limbaugh is making a startling prediction.
“The next flag that will come under assault, and it will not be long, is the American flag,” Limbaugh said Tuesday on his national program. […]

Fast track? How about a pro-America track?

Congress, led by Sen. Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., and Speaker John Boehner, R-Ohio, is preparing to betray American workers, and the grass roots should rise up and say, “No, you don’t.” The secretive underhanded deal is called “fast track,” and that’s an appropriate title because, indeed, it puts Americans on a fast track to lower wages […]

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