Trump slammed as ‘bully’ by Glenn Beck

Donald Trump

Donald Trump

Glenn Beck, conservative radio host, author and owner of the Blaze network of products – and recent endorser of Sen. Ted Cruz for president – called Donald Trump a “bully” for his recent decision to skip the next Fox News debate, saying it’s just the billionaire’s way of hitting hard at those who refuse to play by his rules.

And, Beck went on, in a scathing Facebook post, the country does not need another leader who strikes such tones with perceived political enemies.

His post opened: “No Donald on the debate on Thursday? First let me say: I will believe it when I see it. However this is not surprising if you follow the pattern of Donald Trump. We already have a president who will not talk to Fox News. Now Donald Trump? Only liberal progressives block Fox.”

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Beck then said Trump’s real reason for refusing the debate actually went deeper than distaste for Fox News host Megyn Kelly.

“This is his pattern,” Beck wrote. “He is trying to teach the press and Roger [Ailes] and his team at Fox. ‘You play ball my way.’ Donald first sweet talks and is ‘generous.’ He then expects you to play ball. If you do not he strikes hard. Then gives you a chance to humiliate yourself by kissing his ring. If you do not fold he continues to strike hard and uses every falsehood and Saul Alinsky tactic to isolate and polarize you.”

And then?

Beck said: “His last move is to try to get you fired and completely discredited and isolated. Like it or not this is his pattern.”

The ultimate lesson Trump’s trying to send is to teach “the victim a lesson,” along with “anyone else that dares even consider not doing as he says,” Beck wrote.

Beck said Kelly is Trump’s latest victim of this process, writing “this is what he is trying to do to [her].”

He then spoke directly to those who might seek to do the same to him.

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“I will never bow and lick the boot that kicks others,” Beck wrote. “You will not frighten me into silence. I will speak my mind and stand for the rights of others to do the same. EVEN IF IT IS A VIEW POINT I DISAGREE WITH. I have been broke before. It does not frighten me. In the end, the only thing I will not [l]ose is my honor. … Megyn is cut from the same cloth. … I know that she is a strong woman that will not be bullied. She will never give in as she is strong, smart and fair. She was never out of line with her questioning. Donald Trump is a bully and like all bullies he is afraid of people who are actually strong and truly self-confident. Megyn should be flattered. Bullies don’t attack the weak.”

The Facebook post went on at length, with Beck then warning America to take a long, hard look at Trump.

“If you thought Obama was thinned skinned, vindictive, destructive and would us[e] the IRS, EPA or any other regulatory agency to get what he wanted,” Beck wrote, “what do you think this guy will do?”

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